Windows 8.1 update 1

Windows 8.1 Update 1

I’ve been a really hardcore and power user of windows for most of my life. Until a year of three ago when I switched to Mac OS for primary use. As most in the corporate world for some applications I still need the use Windows through a virtual machine in Vmware Fusion.

I tried Windows 8 immediatly after it was released and was very disappointed. The learning curve of the new UI paradigm in the form of the Metro UI was even for a power user like me way too steep. They thought users would transition from the desktop UI paradigm to a tile based UI paradigm effortlessly. That wasn’t the case at all as we all know now.

Microsoft recently launched a significant update for Windows 8.1, called Windows 8.1 update 1 and it seemed they’ve taken the critique quite seriously and did what they could in the short period of four months.

So Update 1 is sort of a major update and sort of a minor update. It’s sort of a service pack and it’s sort of a feature pack. It’s something that many people will install silently through Windows Update and then never even notice that it happened. And that’s because there’s no “big bang” new feature we can point to in this release. There’s just a ton of mostly subtle, user-driven feedback-based changes that collectively make Windows better. And that is especially true if you are using Windows on a traditional, non-touch PC. Because, after all, the single biggest area of complaint about the original Windows 8 was that awkward shoehorning of Metro. Update 1 doesn’t “remove” Metro. But it makes it easier to live with.

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